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What We Do


Building Bridges To Productive Lives

Center for Health Justice empowers individuals affected by incarceration to make healthier choices.

Center for Health Justice (CHJ) is a multidimensional service organization headquartered in Los Angeles that focuses on health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment among incarcerated and recently released individuals; and their family members and partners. CHJ views incarceration as a period of opportunity; its unique access and credibility with incarcerated populations have allowed the agency to deliver effective programs and services to over six thousand clients annually.

Founded in 2000, in response to unmet medical and non-medical needs of inmates, CHJ has extensive experience providing highly focused education, transitional case management, counseling, resource allocation, linkage to and maintenance of care for incarcerated individuals. CHJ continues providing these services to high-risk parolees upon release, collaborating regularly with several community-based organizations (e.g., housing or employment) to ensure clients are connected to services that will add stability to their lives; ultimately helping them to care for and about themselves and avoid re-incarceration.

CHJ’s programs and services are available both in-custody and post-release:

1) Education — Harm-Reduction Counseling, Self-Advocacy, Awareness/Treatment/Prevention for Substance Abuse, HIV, HCV, STIs, TB, and MRSA;

2) Support Groups — Focused psychotherapeutic support group interventions that allow individuals to introspect in a supportive, safe group setting, addressing emotional traumas and decision-making;

3) Transitional Case Management — Assisting parolees with transitioning back into society and accessing necessary programs and services, especially linkage to and maintenance of medical and mental health care;

4) Resource Allocation — Provision of basic necessities to recently released parolees, including backpacks with toiletries, food, phone and internet use at CHJ’s Stan Price Service Center located conveniently across the street from Men’s Central Jail and Union Station;

5) Advocacy for Policy Change — Seeking to affect systemic change that improves human rights, medical care, prevention, and recidivism rates for the incarcerated.



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